How to rank on Google with blogger

How to rank on Google with blogger

Ranking factors has been the major problem blogger having been facing, they a lot of procedures to fully to achieve success in Google ranking, method is called search engine optimization (SEO). These methods have many things in it, dealing with arranging keywords, optimizing pictures, ad fully optimizing your content.

Putting down some common but unnoticed procedure which works like magic:

Keywords Optimization

First and foremost keywords optimization, this is the processing of arranging your topic words or the words you want your article to be found with during search, although there was a working method but now noticed by Google called keywords stuffing, just as the name implies stuffing, means putting too much keywords in a topic, putting the right keywords with high search query but with the correct and proper arranging of keywords really works coupled with some below methods.

Increasing Domain Authority

Secondly I will suggest building of your Domain Authority, this is term in rating and power of domain it makes search engine believe this domain is genuine and looks trustworthy so it is supposed to be at top this is among the reasons some blogs rank within few minutes of post if with a copied content like some top Nigerian blogs do not to mention name.

Quality Content

Again a strong factor to rank with blogger is by writing a quality content, with minimum of 500 words, good recommends you post a unique content that don’t exist on their search engine, with this they feel your article will add value to people and will be very engaging, so by practicing this it will really help when it comes to ranking. Google always want to be unique and solving and providing solution to problems of what people search it just like their motto, so focus on it.

Building Backlinks

“Backlinks” what is your first thought when you hear the word backlink? Ok don’t go too deep its just as the name implies back-link, linking back, these are links of your blog pasted on some blogs these comes in different ways its even categorized into dofollow and nofollow links, do follow links are called links with juice this link have impact on increasing domain authority and ranking too, while the nofollow links are links with nofollow tags which has no impact on either your ranking or increasing of domain authority. But it is recommended some time to have nofollow link to convince search engine so as not to have all dofollow link which is suspicious, it is just a common sense. You can get it through commenting your URL on other sites or getting them through guess posting meaning posting on other people’s blog and then asking for a link in return, they are also paid but not suggested. It is abroad topic but compiled. 

Adding Alt tag to Images 

 This is the processing of adding an identity name to images called tags which bot understands and also blind people, when these pictures ranks then post tend to rank too. In short always add tags so bots will know the image you upload and know the keyword to rank with. 


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