BlockChain Technology – How It moves Business Growth in Nigeria

 Every day you hear about the Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO, Ethereum but do you recognize what blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts are? How does it all work? How can blockchain be used to pressure commercial enterprise increase? How will blockchain impact the Nigerian digital financial system? How will blockchain trade the sector? This article is aimed to answer a lot of these questions.

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain may be satisfactorily defined as a diary this is almost not possible to forge. Since its inception, blockchain technology has advanced into something extra and powerful having an expected marketplace length of over 540 Million Dollars in 2018.

Blockchain a virtual ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

 It would incorporate a cozy history of statistics exchanges, make use of a peer-to-peer network to time stamp and confirm every alternate, and might be controlled autonomously without a central authority. This has become the spine of virtual currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Blockchain adoption in Nigeria.

Since these are still fantastically uncharted waters, many governments around the arena have frowned upon blockchain while only some are planning to incorporate its programs to improve their economies. Unfortunately, this isn't the case in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has suggested Nigerians be wary of investments in cryptocurrencies, putting forward that virtual currencies are not normal prison tenders within the country.

According to statistics from Local Bitcoins, Nigeria came 2d in the international’s peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin transactions in 2017 outpacing major European nations, the United Kingdom, and America of America. These statistics show us that the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies can be terrific in Nigeria if the government can locate modern ways to leverage its usage.

Blockchain And Business Growth.

When in the end matured, the decentralized Blockchain gadget goes to trade the manner we transact business or manage the property. Along with the manner, it'll rework banks and different economic institutions, hospitals, agencies, and governments among others.

1. Cross-Border Payments.

Making international bills could be very sluggish, high-priced, errors-inclined, and open to cash laundering. It takes days if now no longer for money to transport from one US to some other. Blockchain makes global fee rapid and secured making it clean to transact groups with clients in different countries and get paid instantly.

Several present blockchain-based total price processing offerings are primarily based on Bitcoin. Some of those are designed for the tremendously small subset of businesses buying and selling immediately in Bitcoin. But other charge processing answers cope with a far large audience by using the Bitcoin distributed ledger to switch bills in conventional currencies.

2. Improved Digital Security.

Digital safety is a big problem within the globe. Thousands of hackers are available trying to scouse borrow people's identity. Imagine never having to worry approximately your digital safety or that of your clients ever again. Blockchain technology make monitoring and dealing with digital identities each at ease and efficient, ensuing in seamless authentication and decreased fraud.

Be it banking, healthcare, countrywide safety, citizenship documentation or online retailing, identification authentication and authorization is a manner intricately woven into trade and way of life worldwide. Blockchain generation gives a technique to many digital identity troubles, where identity can be uniquely authenticated in an irrefutable, immutable, and relaxed way.

3. Supply Chain Tracking.

Most of the organizations in the world have ERP and deliver chain control software yet, there are constrained visibility and details about the whereabouts of a product at any given second. Blockchain can ease the monitoring of objects across the global supply chain.

The product can be tracked at every level creating the report of the place, who handled it, and while. It can also report information like temperature, inner pressure at every factor to assist outlets be confident of product safety. This may want to likely remedy the problem of lost or broken merchandise within the cargo and boom responsibility at each point. Due to a correct, specific, and immutable nature, retailers can resolve troubles easily.

4. Digital Marketing & Advertising.

“Blockchain” is the trending word for 2018. lots in order that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released their “Blockchain for Video Advertising” whitepaper detailing how blockchain technology will revolutionize the virtual advertising and marketing and have ripple outcomes for the duration of the advertising enterprise. As technology maintains to evolve, new iterations of the blockchain may additionally offer extra cost to advertising and advertisers.

In these days’ advertising marketing campaign, it's miles common for an advertising and marketing platform to say 20,000 impressions introduced on a marketing campaign whilst the advertising says they were most effective 10,000 impressions. In this condition, it's miles tough to inform who is proper and who isn't. The blockchain ought to then be used to confirm for every supply the precise number of impressions.

5. Smart Contracts.

Smart contracts resolve the trouble of intermediary consider among events to a settlement and may make it smooth to transact commercial enterprise without the concern of been duped by a business partner. It defines a set of situations to which all parties the use of the contract collectively agree upon. Once the required conditions are met, positive movements are achieved and all participants of the community get to the equal end result with the aid of executing this motion.

There are multiple ways wherein Smart contracts can be used. For instance, in the case of insurance claims, all contracts(claims) can be recorded on a blockchain, for that reason casting off multiple claims being registered through one user. Concurrently, the person is likewise no longer scammed out of a declare via the organization pointing out that they have got already issued a payout.


One should argue that Blockchain isn't going to be fully followed or applied in Nigeria each time soon. While that might be real, it’s still crucial for enterprise proprietors to be knowledgeable and organized for the virtual revolution that is coming.

The takeaway from this topic is that Fintech solutions which include Blockchain can surely play an element in driving each commercial enterprise and financial boom in Nigeria. However the generation can't achieve this by myself, the authorities have a greater position to play by means of quickly adapting to modifications in technology and supplying the proper policies to manual its usage in Nigeria.

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