Business Ideas for University Graduates

Business Ideas for University Graduates

   The world is gradually shifting and university graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs after graduation. If I give you give business ideas for University graduates would you appreciate it? The good old days are gone when an SSCE holder will choose the jobs he/she will be doing, when degree holder don’t have to apply for jobs but companies and Government agencies chased them up and down.


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   This day and age you have to write thousands of applications and will be lucky to be invited for 50 interviews and after that you never get called again. It is a tough age for university graduates. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as I will be showing you the way out of joblessness and writing applications upon applications and never get hired. If you are still a university student and you are reading this I have prepared an article for you.

  Business Ideas for College Students

   Time and time again in the University of Today lecturers take time to remind students of how it is tough out there to get a job, hence the need to learn a trade. These business ideas I will be sharing with you today, some of them are Home based businesses and you can start them with $100 or less.

   If you take any of these business ideas for university graduates and religiously learn one or two of them, you will be liberated of having to look for jobs again, but you will be the one to employ the people you want to work for you.

   So let me not be making too much promises and bug you down with too much English. Lets us get to why you are here. 

Business Ideas for University Graduates.

Below are the business Ideas for a college or University graduates.

           1. Affiliate Marketing

   This is a cool business a university graduate can start with little or no money at all. Its a Business in which you go to an affiliate marketing platform, pick a product to sell and get a commission after selling the product off. The product can be either a physical or a Digital product. To know more about affiliate marketing you can read this guide to affiliate marketing.

         2. Vlogging

  This is the act of creating video contents and giving away valuable contents most times for free. You can create a YouTube channel to show people how to do something you are good at. Create more engagement s and urge people to subscribe your channel. When you reach the desired landmark to monetize your channel then you do it and earn a lot of money Vlogging.

       3. Blogging

   This is the opposite of Vlogging. Blogging has to do with writing contents instead of creating video contents.

There are so many high paying niches you can choose to blog about and earn a lot of money also. Vlogging and Blogging can go together. People in this age like to consume both video and written contents to understand a particular topic or subject better.

      4. Creating Digital products

  All it takes to create Digital products that bring cash to your account is time, computer or a tablet and your knowledge of what you are creating. One can create an eBook or an online course teaching people how to do one thing or the other you  can earn a great amount. Some instructors on Udemy make as high as 1000 – 2000 dollars a month selling online courses. 


   Getting Jobs in this age is becoming a great struggle, but there are many ways one can carve out a place and live a financially stable life. 

With the ideas above so many people have made so much to take care of themselves and families.

Being patient enough is the key to getting these ideas right.

What of other business idea can you give a graduate?

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