Starting a dry season farming business in Nigeria (maize)

Starting a dry season farming business in Nigeria (maize)

     Dry seasoning farming is the process of crop production after when the rainy season is over. This type of crop production has been the major business of the masses in most states in the northern part of Nigeria. Over time it has been very hard but many people are still venturing into it.

    Unlike raining season farming that you don’t need to water the plants in dry season farming, you will need water pumps, fuel, security, hybrid seedlings, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and many more. 

        Talking about water pumps, here comes where the farmers have issues, it’s really hard for poor Nigerians to buy like 3 water pump engines, which is worth N150,000 and the cost of fuel and maintenance of these water pumps will also cost a fortune. so they can be able to water enough or vast land. Going into dry season farming the need of Security is necessary and very essential, unlike rainy season that is the season of every farmer is going to farm which for that reason security is less needed either to protect the farm from criminal herders or farm produce thieves, which if you yourself won't serve as the security then definitely you have to employ which may range from 30,000 – 60,000 monthly depending on the size of the farm which dry season farmers cultivate not less than 4 hectares of land.

    When selecting seeds, hybrids seeds are provided by the government at cheaper rates though not enough. The need for hybrid seeds is essential so that farmers need to be consistent for just a short period of time. Giving an instance of improved seeds of maize which life cycle is within 3 months instead of local breeds that take up to 5 months, a lot of time is been saved. 

   This is the aspect of seeds in the aspect of fertilizer it really essential, different fertilizer are applied for different purposes e.g. urea, N.P.K, and also liquid fertilizers. Urea is mostly applied early after 4 weeks of germination while and the liquid spray fertilizer, while N.P.K is applied when plants are almost about to start bringing out their cob for it to help improve the size of the cob. 


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     Selecting herbicide and insecticide has been a big problem for farmers because selecting the suitable chemical really not an easy task, mistakes in this aspect could a farmer his whole farm produces. So full attention is given when deciding on which chemical to go for. 


       Dry season farming is a nice business to venture into even as a civil servant as a side hustle, many and still counting are making a huge amount of money. And for capital, farmers need to have not less than 500,000 for take-off.

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