Starting a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Few years back in Nigeria starting an importation business require a fortune, these days, anyone can venture into it, and makes millions of naira with just little capital.

 If you are planning on going into mini importation business in Nigeria, this post will break it down into a clear way to comprehend and what mini importation business is all about.

  To vividly understand what mini importation business is all about, it is really essential to know the basics.

    Mini importation is capitalized on buying and selling. Good are bought from overseas and sold in Nigeria for gain. You are buying goods in large quantity and reselling it to make gains.

One notable feat that is common to know about mini importation business is how you can kick start with any amount.

How to start a mini importation business in Nigeria

1.       1. Selecting on which kind of goods you want to focus on:

       this is an important part of the business. There are many varieties of goods to venture into in mini importation business, and if you have huge amount you can start with many products to go into.

2.       2. Sources for products

      After choosing the goods you want to deal on, the next step is getting a supplier, nowadays finding a supplier has become easy with the help of internet. Many online malls sell a lot of goods that can be bought and resold in Nigeria. What you need to do is Register with one and buy your goods. There a lot of trusted online stores, such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba and many more.

3.       3. Buy from your supplier

       Buying goods from your suppliers is the step the to take now. And one important step to know is choosing a reliable supplier. You have to make sure that’s the packaged good are of good quality.

  One known and right way to ensure this is through feedbacks and reviews from other buyers. You can make an important decision on if to go ahead and buying through the recommendations or ratings of other buyers.

4.       4. Pay for your Goods

 This is the last step in ensuring your goods reach you is by paying for them. It used to be very hard to make payment for goods overseas.

  Nowadays, with the help of technology and internet with credit/debit cards, the process has become very easy. Make sure that you make deposit/fund your account before trying to make payment so that it can go through. This is the only guaranteed way that for sure your goods will be shipped to your destination.

Tools Needed to Start a mini Importation Business

For easy pace in your mini importation business, you need some equipment.

They are:

  •     Mobile phone or a laptop
  •       Network (internet access)
  •        A credit/debit card
  •       Physical location for goods delivery
  •        Capital
  •         Email address

How are goods delivered?

They are two ways in which goods are delivered:

1.       Free shipping: this way takes longer. It might take up to 40days before your goods gets to you.

2.       Express or premium: this way of delivery is fast, deliveries are done by some companies (external logistics) and it takes just 2 to 7 days to gets your goods.


 Mini importation business is a lucrative one if you carry out due diligence, it is recommended that you go through the above steps carefully taking your time to know them well.






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