The Challenges in Science and Technology in Africa

The development of a country relies mostly on technology and science. this is evident coupled by the fact that the countries doing well in technology and science happens to be more developed than the vice versa. Acquisition of technology and science in many African countries is faced with many challenges. some of the top challenges are listed below.

Low priority rating of science

Majority of African countries sees factors such as national cohesion, development of democracy, economic growth to be a lot more important than the issue of science and technology. Despite the fact that science contributes quite much in all those sectors. Without the government of African countries setting technology and science aside as a major priority and investing in it. Africans don’t get the opportunities to do same.

Inadequate funding

Technology and science usually demands a lot of funding but offer a good value for money. Lack of funds, therefore, makes science and technology development quite challenging. E.g. scientist to stock up libraries, field stations, laboratories as well as procure some equipment and materials that are needed. Without the funds to accomplish the plan, they are unable to work.

Poor management of science

For science to thrive, in many African countries, scientists are appointed in to their positions by government. There is no link between productivity and career progression in scientific institutions that are managed by African government or states. The management and organization should be such that the scientists are given freedom to operate and get rewarded only based on their competence in quest to develop a competitive nature.

Weak educational systems

Number of students who proceeds to higher institutions in science is very low in Africa. university education is even reserved for some few individuals in some countries. The African universities also are somehow underfunded. This means that relevant resources are not made available to empower students with scientific knowledge. The thing is that African countries continue to rely on western countries for their scientific and technological needs.

Lack of industrial base

For science to move forward in a country, the country should have a developed service industry. The services industry gives a good framework for science. In African countries, closely all the science tools are imported. Including those that can easily be manufactured within the countries. On the other hand, increasing the dependence on imported science instrument is somewhat tantamount to increasing science. A good industrial base can be set in Africa by the countries which are beginning to develop some of the equipment that they need.

Ultimately, Africa has a potential for thriving in the world of technology and science. The African countries simply needs to know that technology and science will open up the big doors to success in most sectors. Channeling and prioritizing sufficient resources to science is a big way to start.


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