What to know about the Emerging Technologies.

AI (artificial intelligence)

   In search to provide a better relationship and affordable, the idea of AI (artificial intelligence) came to reality, impacting customer already in the way they interact with intelligent websites and bots, and these tools are gaining high acceptance and integrated into our daily activities. The largest impacts now are in healthcare, data security, decision taking and employee training out of many unlisted. Companies who goes with the idea of using AI can use resources with greater efficiency, and as investment increases so also in competition the AI sector, costs are reduced.


   Robotics is the science of designing, constructing, building and programming of electro- mechanical machines which can be used to perform some activities done by human which the designs are done in a way it tasks are regarded too dangerous for humans. Example of places robotics are used are automobile plant(factory), nuclear industries, construction industries, electric welding, spray finishing, warehouses etc. right now, huge investment is been put into research of robotics e.g. research in defense applications.

5G Network

  The demand in increase of data and information transfer, manipulation across wireless platform has brought about the rolling out of 5G network which is yet to be fully implemented but already taking place on some latest gadget but will be fully implemented in nearest future. The impact of developing and deploying the 5G Network are on business and few technologies already have, bringing wireless at a speed and latency to solve the rate of speed needed for driverless vehicles, 5G network is 20 times faster than predecessor 4G taking it to 1000mb/second transfer rate.


  Drones are enabled robotic with few geographic restrictions; drones are also known as UAV. they are of different categories, some are use in in advanced shops for delivery while some are used by military for surveying and launching of attack and many more departments. It is mainly used in where manned flights are considered very risky or difficult, they give troops eyes in the sky,

Main uses:




Aerial photography

Search and rescue etc.

IoT (Internet of Things)


  IoT meaning internet of things simply and shortly refer to billions of physical devices that are connected to internet, all requesting, collecting and sharing data. Examples of IoT is a light bulb that can be switched ON and OFF using any smartphone app, and it could even be a driverless truck, which these things could have dumb without the adding up digital and intelligence, making them have able to have a real time data communication without the aid of human. It can also be said the idea of chipping in sensors and intelligence to objects. How big is IoT? IoT is big and getting bigger, a source from an analyst says that it will grow to 41.6 billion devices connected by the year 2025.

VR (virtual reality)

   Virtual reality is the of computer technology to create an immersive illusion of environment, it gives user the experience of being in different environment entirely from the current place. It also gives idea of environment and even teaches you as if you are there. It is applied in an advanced field of education, engineering, design, training, medicine and entertainment .


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